Friday, March 12, 2010

Farmville & Farmtown Intro

Farmville is probably the most popular game in Facebook. About 1 in 5 Facebook users play it or have played it. It is actually an imitation of another game, Farmtown, that is better in many ways, but not as popular. I will explain why I think Farmtown is better in a later post. If anyone knows the reasons why Farmville is more popular, please let us all know by leaving a comment below. I think it was mostly due to better promotion at first and some problems in loading Farmtown.
I created this little blog to help beginners and to share my "philosophy" and gripes about these games. If anyone has tips to share, please leave comments as well. There will be a lot of "how to" posts as well as posts about bugs and glitches and how to overcome some of them, and about places where you can get help and advice.
If you are looking for neighbors you can give your name and/or email in a comment and I or someone else will respond by looking you up in facebook. However, remember that when you put your name or email address on the Web, you are opening yourself up to spammers and other miscreants. At least, give your email like this: myname(at) and not so that spambots can't get your email address and send you junk mail - or use your address to send others junk mail.  
Ami Isseroff

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