Friday, April 9, 2010

Farmville: Dog-gone

Farmville is selling puppies. Very cute puppies. Even my Philistine heart could not resist this new gadget. The only one that didn't cost a lot of cash was the Border Collie, which cost 300,000 coins.
Dogs are expensive, be they real or virtual.
Trixie arrived and was duly named after her real-life name sake, but didn't behave like her. Trixie the virtual dog ran and hid just like it was programmed to do. The problem with that was that I could not find it to feed it. If you do not feed the puppy every day, it runs away, Farmville warns. After a day Farmville put up a notice that I had to pay 3 Cash to get the dog out of the pound. They were going to get that cash out of me one way or the other. So I paid the 3 cash, but the dog was still hidden. Turned out it was behind my Irish castle, which I placed so as to hide my Avatar, which is fenced in so it doesn't cause trouble and waste time. The back of that castle is now lined with bales of hay so no dog can go there, but there are lots of other places for Trixie to hide. It has been fenced in with some hay bales in a corner of the farm though, and will stay there for 14 days. If it gets out and hides in the trees, Farmville can have it.
If you get a puppy, prepare an enclosure for it beforehand and keep it there.
Wasn't there a racket like this in the depression (the 1930s one) where derelicts would "find" your dog?  


  1. Here's my FarmVille gripe and I have no idea how to stop it.

    I play with cliques who alert each other just BEFORE they are getting ready to release their goodies. So, 20 seconds after it appears, it's snapped up by the buddies who know it's coming.

    I HATE that - isn't there anything that can be done about it??? I came out and posted that I knew what was going on and didn't think it was fair. They are still doing it - just trying to be sneakier.

  2. Dear anonymous,
    Very probably those people have a lot of neighbors. Different servers may post the reward announcements at a slight delay so that you see them after they do. Some of their neighbors may be using automatic scripts to collect rewards like the one available at and many other places, for free and for money. Your neighbors may not know about this.

    Get yourself some neighbors who do not have many neighbors themselves, but who are active players. And remember, it is only a game!


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